Will The Sun and Venus’ Move Into Virgo Inspire You To Spice Up Your Everyday Routine This Week?


The Sun and Venus both shift into Virgo this week, so the focus is on detail. Health and self-care come into focus, and you might pay more attention to your daily routines and habits. What’s not working about your schedule will become apparent, and you’ll have more motivation than usual to make positive changes that increase your overall well-being. Your system especially digestion — could be extra-sensitive, and a simple, wholesome diet will probably serve you best. As for your love life, you may be reaching for the stars. And if you’re single, you probably won’t settle for someone who doesn’t meet your standards, preferring solitude to imperfection. You may be more critical of potential suitors or, if in a relationship, of your partner.

Although you may think you’re being helpful, your words could be received as harsh or judgmental. Self-acceptance will be a big lesson now, especially regarding your feelings of attractiveness. You might pick apart your appearance and be critical for your perceived faults and imperfections. If there’s an area to make a positive difference – like improving your self-care habits through diet or exercise – this is an excellent time to do so. For those parts beyond your control, practice loving yourself just as you are.

The fabulous news of the week, however, is a lovely Venus-Mars conjunction in Virgo which points towards a meeting of hearts and minds. If meeting new romantic partners is the goal, go for it now. Fresh connections bloom into full-blown attachment. Established relationships feel the heat too, in a steamy-window sort of way. It’s the perfect combination of loving and sexy, receptive and assertive, so role-playing and even role reversals can lend tremendous excitement to the moment. And everyone seems to be exuding powerful animal magnetism. It’s not easy to resist such charm, warmth and eroticism.



It’s very tempting to take the easy life at work, especially if you can get away with shortcuts or doing the bare minimum. Think about your pride though – surely you want to keep doing the very best job that you can?




With Venus now in your dating zone, it’s the perfect time to meet someone new. Keep dates light and playful, as this is not the time to get heavy or serious. Look for someone who makes you feel youthful or who loves playing sports.




Family stability is your key priority this week and you’ll want to do everything you can to make your home feel loving, welcoming and peaceful. It’s a good time to redecorate or to repurpose a spare room.




Loyalty is a key issue for you now and you will be keen to show someone that you have their back. Don’t be blinded, however. At some point, you may have to make a difficult decision regarding backing someone or not. Listen to your instincts.




You can be quite a materialistic sign and never more so than when Venus arrives in your money zone. A quest for luxury this week could prove expensive – keep an eye on the budget! It is, however, a good time to launch a new, creative business.




You’re more sociable than normal this week, as Venus arrives in your sign and smooths your social interactions. This is a good time for dating, if you’re single, as you’ll make a wonderful first impression on someone potentially interesting.




A karmic attraction draws you towards someone surprising – there’s magic in the mix here, so expect to feel intoxicated. If you’re not single, this obviously presents some issues – think carefully before doing anything drastic.




If you’re single, you may meet someone special via community action or charity work. You’re interested in what makes people tick and you’ll love making new friends this week. An excellent listener, you’re also a great mentor just now.




Put your charm to good use at work. People find you fascinating and compelling, so it’s a brilliant time to work in sales, marketing or PR. The public is listening, so make sure you’re telling them something good!




There’s a delightful link between love and travel this week – so if you’re single and looking for romance, head to unfamiliar places, the further away the better! If you’re already committed, try to take a brief romantic break together.




Venus hots up a relationship, bringing steam, passion and a definite need for privacy! If you’re single, someone you meet this week could prove to be a keeper. If you’re already in a relationship, take this opportunity to deepen your emotional intimacy.




Venus shifts into your love zone this week, so it’s all kittens, rainbows, poetry and love notes. Sweet! Get in touch with your inner romantic and show your sweetheart just how much you care. It’s impossible to overdo the schmaltz with this cosmic influence!



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