What’s In A Name? This Numerological Method Will Reveal Your Personal Magickal Name


Have you ever wondered why so many mystical folks you find online have such cool names? Or how they came up with a magickal name in the first place? While every story is different, numerology is a great jumping off point in finding a handle that means magick to you.

Witches and their spiritual kin use their magickal monikers in a variety of ways. Many people choose one to mark or start their spiritual journey. Some adopt them full time (raises hand!) and some use them only in ceremony, or in like-minded communities.

However you use it, a magickal name helps to define your identity as a spiritual being. You can find your own magickal name using your intuition, personal story, and with the help of numerology.

Step 1

Look to Your Story and Your Intuition

Make a long list of names that appeal to you (and that perhaps make you sound like an elf queen or king!). Look into your past and pay attention to any mentors you have had, people or characters that inspire you, or animals that you connect with. Mythology and nature are also great places to look for names.

Step 2

Find Your Life Path Number

In numerology, your life path number describes your personal nature and the traits you are were born with. To find it, add all of the numbers in your birth date.

For instance if your birthday is 05/10/1970 you will add 5 1 0 1 9 7 0 to equal 23.

Next, take the resulting number and add it to itself to create a single digit. In our example, add 2 3 to equal 5. Your life path number is 5!

The Nine Life Path Numbers:

1. Ambitious, bold, overachiever

2. Diplomatic, romantic, intuitive

3. Sociable, optimistic, expressive

4. Orderly, persevering, practical

5. Adventurous, magnetic, visionary

6. Nurturing, compassionate, responsible

7. Logical, introspective, reserved

8. Courageous, ambitious, influential

9. Humanitarian, sophisticated, giving

Don’t stop at these very brief descriptions. To do this system any justice, do some research to read about them in a little more depth.

Step 3

Find the Number of Your Chosen Name

Choose your top three to five names from the list you have made, and find their Life Path numbers using the chart below.

For instance, if your chosen name is “Rain” you would add 9 1 9 5 and get 24. Add 2 4 to get the life path number 6. If you have several names (a first and last name for example), do the same for each word and then add them together at the end to get a single digit.

1 – A,J,S

2 – B,K,T

3 – C,L,U

4 – D,M,V

5 – E,N,W

6 – F,O,X

7 – G,P,Y

8 – H,Q,Z

9 – I,R

Step 4

Choose a Number — Choose a Name

Now that you have a few top contenders AND an idea of their numerological significance, plug back into your intuition to make your decision.

You might want to match your chosen name number to your given name number, because you love the path you’re on. It’s also valid to find one that describes a path you feel you are evolving in to.

The numbers attached to the names should be a significant factor, but not the only one. In addition, you should love the way it sounds and connect with the symbolism. If you’re totally flummoxed, that’s only a sign that you haven’t found the right match quite yet. Start looking for signs from the universe and keep adding ideas to your list.

Once you get that conversation started — by using your imagination, intuition, and numerology — believe me, the universe responds!

Raven Hinojosa

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