Use Different Kinds of Craft Papers & Let Your Imagination Run Wild


Crafting with papers has been popular since time immemorial. Children love to make unique craft pieces with various types of paper. Right from origami to card-making, we are dependent on a variety of papers. Craft-making is a great way of giving expression to your imagination and creativity. 

In this highly digitalized world, embracing creativity in an effort to build relationships by bringing people together is truly meaningful like never before. The craft industry is valued at $36 billion with the crafting supplies made available to you at over 75,000 retail outlets and that they include national crafting chains, specialty craft stores, dollar stores, discount stores, art supply stores, and even drug and hardware stores.

As per, 90 percent of the crafts industry sales are done at physical stores and retailers, however, online retailers, as well as, home shopping channels seem to be becoming popular sources too for both the old and the young crafters, experienced creators, and newbie. The radical change in the shopping habits of people necessitates retailers to use omnichannel stratagems for engaging their customers and provide a good online shopping experience along with a satisfactory in-store shopping experience.

If you are not sure about the kind of paper to be used for making a card or some other innovative craft, examine some of the most commonly used types of paper that are ideal for craft-making.

Cardstock Paper: This is supposed to be a medium weight paper but it is relatively heavier as compared to printer paper and relatively thinner in comparison to the cardboard. Scrapbooking, greetings cards, handmade boxes, and many other innovative and attractive things are made from Cardstock paper. This sort of craft paper is available in a plethora of colors and textures. It could be acid and lignin-free that is the right medium for scrapbooking. Cardstock is supposed to be the most popular kind of crafting paper. Check out the broad spectrum of craft supplies online from a reputed online craft materials store.  

Construction Paper: Construction paper is a popular and hot favorite choice of paper for kids’ crafts as it is easily available in a host of colors and is not that expensive. However, construction paper is pretty difficult for folding and has quite a rough texture. Construction papers are utilized in short-term projects as the papers soon lose the color and vibrancy. Construction paper colors would be fading soon. 

Crepe Paper: This is a kind of tissue paper that is thinly-coated. Crepe paper is gathered together for creating a crinkled surface. Crepe papers are extremely popular and you could choose from a plethora of vibrant colors and it is available in sheets and rolls. It is used often for making flowers with incredibly stunning results. Crepe paper is used for making streamers that are great for party decorations. Children use crepe paper for crafts in school and at home. Use top-quality Italian crepe paper for making attractive paper flowers.

Mulberry Paper: Mulberry Paper is supposed to be a handmade paper. It is known to have originated in China and is manufactured using mulberry plant fibers. Mulberry paper is durable and incredibly lightweight. It has an organic finish and a coarse texture. It is great for collage work and scrapbooking.

Vellum Paper: It is supposed to be a pretty thin and translucent paper. Vellum is great for card-making, tracing, and scrapbooking. Vellum is used quite often as a layer especially in fancy greetings cards and wedding invitations.


Paper crafts are affordable and great fun. Now that you know about the different kinds of craft papers, choose the ideal one for your unique creation.