Top 5 Weekend Getaways in Europe


Weekend getaways are real fun. And if it is to be spent in Europe, it will be the most memorable getaways. Even a weekend spent in a beautiful place is enough to take away your Monday blues. Imagine yourself in Gramacho Golf Course hitting the golf ball with your friends. So now it’s time to tighten your seat belts and have a gala time in the mesmerizing European places.

We have listed the 5 best places wherein you can spend your ideal weekend and not regret it for even a minute. You can relax, enjoy your favorite sport or just gaze at the horizon and feel rejuvenated. We are sure some of these places will be your regular getaways

Gramacho Golf Resort

Designed by enormous names in the golf course making fields, the golf resort of this place is nothing but the best. It has 18 holes and 27 greens and gives a different experience to the player every time. This golf resort is situated in the best locations of Algarve. The resort has done everything to maintain its natural beauty and needless to say they have done a truly amazing job.

Head here to have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to polish your golf equipment before you get here. Because this is the golf course that will make you play golf forever.

Costa Brava

We promise you there would not be a perfect weekend getaway. Costa Brava has everything to make your weekend a memorable one. Beautiful coastlines and relaxing beaches, the sun will favor you every moment.

Your Monday will be spent on showing off your tan lines. The local wine, beer, and Spanish cuisine will liven up your mood. Indulge in scuba diving activity to make the most of your splendid weekend. This place is sure to bring you back for many more weekends.


This place aptly suits its name. Nice is one of the best cities in France. If you are planning to spend a weekend here, you will be more than impressed. It has all the flavors of an old town and the best nightlife.

The coastal areas are not an attraction you would like to miss. The small hill walks will leave give you a mesmerizing view. If you are a tree lover, the botanical gardens here are not to be missed. The city is extraordinarily beautiful. Just a walk around the town will leave you happy and relieved.


This city is the liveliest city not only in Europe but also in the entire world. This city needs no description. Just visit and you will be more than happy. This city is famous for its tulip gardens which are open in the summers. So, make a plan and spend a weekend amidst the exotic and beautiful tulips here.


The capital of Iceland is the most beautiful city you could ever see. Spend a weekend watching the northern lights. We assure you wouldn’t have seen a more magical thing before. The city tour is also beautiful and amazing. Spend a weekend here and if you are lucky you can watch whales and puffins. This place is ideal for a night out. You will love the stories that you share here and also the new memories that you make here!

So, just pack your bags and head to these great places for an ideal weekend holiday. The holidays will be nothing less than relaxing. No matter if you play golf or go scuba diving, your body will not be tired but will crave for more of these. So, plan a solo trip, or a family or friends outing, let it be in one of these perfect places.