This Simple Yet Powerful Visualization Exercise Will Help You To Turn Your Dreams Into Realities

The mind is a masterful visualization tool

Imagination is powerful, and you are a powerful creator. Anything you create in your mind exists as a real, energetic object. It just takes a little bit of time for what you imagine to manifest physically.

Here is a visualization exercise that is also a form of prayer. But unlike prayer, you’re not asking God to grant your wishes. What you’re doing instead is owning your power as a creator, and then asking God (or Life, or Spirit) to bless your creation. God always says yes!

In the following visualization, you’re going to think about something you want. Then you’re going to create a picture of yourself receiving what you want in your mind, ask God to bless it, and send that picture into the universe.

Close your eyes, and take a deep breath.

1.Use your imagination to create the image of a rose in your mind. Make it whatever color you want, and make it big, like a tree. Imagine that the stem of the rose goes down to the center of the earth.

2. Create a snapshot of you receiving what you want — and put that picture into the petals of the rose. There are just two limitations. You can’t specify the details of HOW you receive what you want, and you can’t put anyone else in the picture but you. So if what you really want is to be married, create the image of your hand with a wedding ring on it, but don’t put someone into your picture with you. The reason we can’t include anyone else in our manifestation picture is because we can never interfere with other people’s decisions or free will choices.

visualization exercise

3. Notice that under the petal part of the rose is a cork on either side of the stem. The first cork represents your unconscious resistance to receiving what you want. Pull that cork, and notice how much resistance comes out of the stem. It might be in the form of sand or smoke. When it’s done releasing, stick the cork back in.

4. The second cork represents other people’s resistance to you having what you want. Pull that cork and see how much resistance comes out. When it’s done releasing, stick the cork back in.

5. Ask the Supreme Being (or God, Life, Spirit) to drop down a golden cord that plugs right into the petal part of the rose. Ask God to send a blessing down that cord, and bless your creation. Notice how the rose changes as the Supreme Being blesses it.

6. Take a pair of scissors and cut the stem of the rose. Watch as it floats up and out into the universe, and trust that your picture is going to manifest.

Congratulations! You did it!

Comment below and let me know how this visualization works for you.

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