The End of Eclipse Season Forces You To Embrace Your Loss. Are You Ready?


Card 1

9 of Swords

This is a hard week but a good thing. Eclipse pushes out what is no longer serving us, so this dark and hard time is to remind us that we released something. Own the grief, and recognize the pain of loss. If you are struggling with energy and sleep, take the time off that you need because your mental and emotional health is the most important thing. Acknowledge what you have released, focus and reflect on it so that you can release it with love and support. Everything is fine!

Card 2

5 of Pentacles

The Eclipse pushed out a lot of your financial power. You spent a lot and lost a lot because you were not focusing enough on the power that you give to others. By blowing money and power on something that is not a positive force you affirm to the Universe that you are not worthy. By changing the narrative and only spending money on things that empower you, you will notice a huge shift within the week.

Card 3

6 of Pentacles, Queen of Wands

You have devoted so much energy to a female fire sign; Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. Take a look at your relationship with this person and if you realize it is not an equal exchange of energy you need to rebalance. Do this because you are creating more karmic debts through the imbalances. Do the hard work with this person now so that you do not have to repeat this lesson over again in this and next lifetimes.


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