Take this Color Compatibility Test and Discover Your Perfect Love Match!


In this video, I’ll be asking you to examine the compatibility of two of your significant relationships using basic Numerology and the core color behavior theories of Hippocrates.

Most people have one main blueprint and then one or two supplementary ones which may be less obvious. By deciphering which apply to you will not only help you to understand yourself and others better but will enable you to consciously select more compatible relationships in your life moving forward.

What are the Color Archetypes?

Reds are quick and happy to take charge when required. They make things happen but can turn into control freaks and be challenging to interact with as they are known to walk on others to redeem the success that they desire.

These are the fire people. They are the warrior types who took to the sword to get their own way.

Yellows are inspiring, creative, funny and have the ability to raise the vibration of others and uplift peoples mood. However, when given the opportunity they can steal the limelight and deny others the opportunity to participate in their unrealistic conversations.

These are the air people. Still very determined but much more easy-going. They are like a captivating wind, sweeping up the dust as they go.

Greens are great company as they have easy-going natures and genuinely care for others. Sometimes they lack clarity and focus and find it difficult to make decisions. They tend to avoid confrontation but are know to gossip behind your back.

These are the earth people who work for the collective. They honor stability, security, and building solid foundations for the future.

Blues are analytical, calm, thoughtful and reflective. They tend to think carefully before communicating but their critical thinking can develop into being suspicious and questioning other people’s intentions.

These are the water people who have the ability to devastate a landscape but can also be controlled with the correct wisdom.

Color Compatibility

Red and blues are not as compatible, as the blues are too slow for the red, who wants immediate action.

There can also be a disconnect between reds and greens because they have conflicts views on the right ways to treat people.

The greens prefer harmony and balance as they are humanitarians at heart and like to be respectful to their peers.

In a team environment, it is essential to have a representative from each color camp to create a balanced team with complementary skills and behaviors. Too many people with the same attributes can spell disaster. Each color brings something important to the table.

Ruling Number Compatibilities

Numerology can be used to estimate the potential for longterm compatibility with a prospective partner. It is such an accurate way to increase your chances of maintaining a positive and healthy relationship. It can also be used to address problems in an existing relationship and to see things from a fresh perspective.

The most important number in your comparison is the Ruling Number, also known as the Life Path Number. This is calculated by adding up all of the numbers in your date of birth and reducing it to a single digit. If your numbers add up to a 10, please reduce to a 1. If they add up to a Master Number 11, please reduce to a 2 and if they add up to a Master Number 22, please reduce to a 4. (For the purpose of this exercise).

It is beneficial to build a relationship with a partner having a compatible Ruling Number with your own because it indicates the set of personality traits that will always be present in both of you. To cultivate a sense of self-worth and happiness, it is important to act on these traits. When these numbers are not in harmony, a certain level of compromise will be required from both individuals to maintain a sense of fulfillment within the dynamic.

I’d like you to put this to the test. Please select someone that you have a great relationship with, in your life and another person that you find challenging to be around.

Next, work out their Ruling Numbers and yours and look at this chart to see if you are compatible or not. Easy as 1, 2. 3!

Finally, decide what is your and their core behavior color/s and put it alongside your Ruling Numbers.

Leave a few comments below to let me know what you have discovered are your Ruling numbers and core behavior colors and I’ll send you some more information about the relationships.

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