Spark Your Fierce Creative Fire This Week With The Start Of The Leo New Moon


Anything connected with love or money is in for a slightly bumpy road this week as the Sun and Venus square up to Uranus, bringing some shocks and surprises.

A change in routine is a good way to ward off the potentially disruptive and unstable energy this transit brings. This isn’t such a good time for negotiations or conflict resolution. Folks feel willful and unyielding. ‘Because I want to’ becomes a good enough reason to do anything, an attitude that doesn’t lend itself to compromise or cooperation. Romance is equally dicey. No one seems to appreciate our quirky ways of showing affection. We could be tempted to wander but this rarely brings the hoped-for results. However, a fiery Leo New Moon has great promise and on the same day, Mercury ends its retrograde period – yay!, enabling many of us to start to move forwards with positivity. The Leo New Moon arouses your creative side. Sparks of imagination light up in your mind. Give some quality time to nurture these divine gifts that ultimately make your life much richer and more colorful. If any particular problem has got you stumped, you may find some new ways to resolve them.

Leo is unsurpassed when it comes to artistic expression. Whatever you choose to focus on, whether it is an art form such as painting, drawing, or dance, or something more practical such as having children in your life, what you create by your own efforts is likely to be something that will make you proud. The act of expression is one of the most important characteristics of Leo. Don’t keep it in. Let the ideas flow out of you. Make a list of the steps necessary to manifest those ideas into a more tangible form.



Talk to your inner child. Are they happy? What do they need more of or how can you help them to create more joy? Get playful with your own interests, hobbies and activities. This week’s energy is about what makes you smile, pure and simple.




The New Moon brings out your nesting instinct, even if you don’t have kids or they’ve long since grown up. Nurture those around you and fill your home with love. It may be time to welcome a new pet or perhaps to build a cherished memory book.




Say what needs to be said. You’ve waited a long time for the right moment, and it hasn’t ever come. It’s not here now either, but this is as good as you’re going to get. No matter what you have to say, say it with love and compassion and all will be well.




Become more conscious of your own worth. Don’t allow anyone to walk all over you this week – the New Moon brings you a more assertive fresh start, and one which puts our own needs and wants front and center.




Do something purely for you this week. Not for your kids, your lover, your colleagues, your community – for you. Be a little bit selfish. Say no to things which take your attention away from you. It’s time to indulge your own needs.




Start a dream journal or a gratitude diary. Get more in tune with what the universe is telling you, bringing you, offering you. Meditate, pray, visualize or work on a vision board. There is huge potential for spiritual growth under this New Moon.




Look for new connections with people who are on the same wavelength as you. You may wish to join a new club or group or leave one which no longer feels right. This New Moon energy is about connecting with similar souls.




Focus on your career goals and ambitions this week, as the New Moon encourages you to dream big. Creative visualization will help you – what you can imagine, you can create. Don’t limit yourself with negative self-talk.




There are few things you love more than travel and this week’s New Moon encourages just that. If you can’t physically travel, spend time connecting with other cultures online, or through education. Broadening your mind brings you joy.




This week’s New Moon is a good time to start therapy of some kind, or to dig more deeply into your own psychology. You may need to review what makes you feel angry, jealous or defensive. Work on understanding your own triggers.




A New Moon in your love zone brings potential new love, if you’re single. Or, perhaps, even if you aren’t, things could get emotionally complex. Transparency and honesty are your strengths, so be open about your feelings.




Overhaul your daily routines and create something more productive, more satisfying or simply less exhausting! The New Moon encourages you to think about time management and personal organization. Life skills need attention!



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