Signs it is Time to Call for Garage Door Repair


Each year, faulty garage doors cause over 10,000 injuries. This is the leading cause of home injuries that require hospitalization. However, individuals can avoid these medical bills by calling for garage door repair promptly.

Unfortunately, some homeowners aren’t aware of the signs their garage door even needs repairs. If this is the case, keep reading. Find some of the most common signs of garage door issues here.

Excessive Shakiness or Vibrations

All garage doors will have some level of extra movement, even if they are new. What a homeowner needs to look for is if this movement is excessive. If there is too much shaking or shuddering when the garage door is moving up or down, it indicates several issues that may develop into something worse.

A loose screw, loose hinges, rollers that are coming off the tracks, and other issues could cause this. If the garage door shudders and shakes, it’s best to call for repairs.

Strange Sounds

Regardless of the condition of the garage door, it will make some noise. The question is, when is that noise a sign that it needs to be fixed? There are several issues that weird noises may be heard.

Rusty railings or hinges, faulty opening mechanisms, and uneven tension can all cause weird sounds. If the garage door has begun to screech, it’s a sign that service is needed.

To Sell a House

If a homeowner wants to put their house on the market soon, and the garage door system is old or outdated, they should call for repairs or a total replacement. Sometimes, if this feature remains old and rickety, it will affect the ability to sell the home. Upgrading now can help a homeowner fetch a higher price when the home sells, as well.

When it comes to calling for repairs for a garage door, it’s something that should not be put off. If the issues continue, they may lead to a serious injury to someone in the family or damage to a vehicle or something else. Call the professionals to have the issues handled promptly and avoid these consequences.