Seeing 11:11: Award-Winning Sundance Film, I Origins, Explores This Phenomenon


11:11 Sundance Movie I Origins

Since you’re reading this, you’re probably seeing “11:11” everywhere. Los Angeles-based writer and director Mike Cahill made an American drama film about science and spirituality and included a special scene about the 11:11 synchronicity. The film sparked conversation since it premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2014 and thoughtfully addresses the very real phenomenon of meaningful coincidences. Cahill’s movie, I Origins, tells the story of Ian Gray, a molecular biologist studying the human eye, who starts his journey by following the “11:11” signs that eventually lead him to discover something spiritual that challenges his scientific beliefs.

Following The 11:11 Signs — The Wake-Up Call

In I Origins, Ian starts noticing the “11” signs everywhere. He buys a lottery ticket at a 7-11 mini-market on Nov. 11 and gets $11.11 in change. He sees that the time is 11:11 and rides bus number 11. These “11-11” coincidences mysteriously guide him to his love interest and soul mate, Sofi Elizondo. When Sofi sees Ian’s eyes, she has the feeling that they were connected from past lives. Reincarnation research experts say that when you remember someone from a past life, the eyes are the first thing you recognize. This leads to the proverb, “The eyes are the windows to the soul.” If you meet a person and recognize their eyes, it’s probably a good sign that you’ve connected with them in the past, because while our physical bodies change from lifetime to lifetime, our eyes remain the same.

11:11 Synchronicity

The strangely meaningful string of “11” coincidences that Ian encounters are examples of the “synchronicity” term coined by Carl Jung, the renowned Swiss psychiatrist. Jung basically defined synchronicity as a “meaningful coincidence” that cannot be explained by cause and effect.

Another example of synchronicity is seeing or hearing repeating words. You may suddenly start to see and hear a certain word (e.g. “forgive”) several times, in different forms (e.g. songs, movies, or books). Pay attention when this happens because it’s a sign that something important is happening in your life, and it’s the Universe’s way of sending you a message. So, in matters of the heart, if you keep hearing and seeing “forgive,” it might be a sign for you to release and surrender any guilt or anger you’re harboring so you can start the process to heal inside and attract love again. Forgiveness sets you free and it is the best form of loving yourself.

Synchronistic events can be viewed as a form of guidance from the Universe to help you make life choices by pointing you in a whole new direction. Often times, it’s a sign to reassure you that you’re on the right path. In I Origins, Ian follows a string of “11” synchronicities to find Sofi which leads him on a quest to India. There, he discovers a child with eyes that match those of Sofi’s, and Ian begins to wonder about the possibility of reincarnated souls. If you are seeing 11:11 everywhere, I Origins is a thought-provoking movie to watch. The film asks us to ponder deep questions about faith, destiny, scientific truth, and the soul’s journey after death.

The debate between science and spirituality has always been a hot topic for centuries. Science is based on observation and what we can prove. Spirituality, on the other hand, requires faith. What do you believe in? What would you do if something spiritual disproved your scientific beliefs? This film allows space for us to search our feelings and answer that question.

I Origins premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 18, 2014. After its premiere, Fox Searchlight Pictures bought the film for about $3 million. The film won the festival’s Alfred P. Sloan Prize, which recognizes films that depict science and technology. I Origins began its limited theatrical release on Jul. 18, 2014 in select theaters and made $5 million at the box office. Watch the trailer below.

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