Manifesting Change Is As Easy As 1-2-3! Discover This Simple 3-Step Technique For Yourself


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I feel as if I’ve made a remarkable discovery lately. I know I’m not the only one who’s figured this out, so “discovered” seems a little too imperious a term. But it is one of those delicious things that has tipped the scales in my spiritual and magical life – I feel as if I have stumbled upon a super power!
Yet, as with all real magic, it’s subtle; easily overlooked by those who have not yet learned to tune into the quiet, still space within. That’s why it’s important to manifest change to continue growing.

As you’re no doubt aware (unless in recent years you’ve been living under a rock with excellent Wi-Fi blocking abilities), spiritual pursuits such as mindfulness and meditation have stretched beyond the boundaries of the “weirdo-hippy-fringe” (my people) into popular culture. Even your straight-edged corporate boss probably gets his lotus-position on from time to time!

Why is that?

Because this stuff can make a profound difference in the quality of our day to day life. And that’s something you can only truly know from testing it first-hand. It requires some dedication but practically speaking it’s relatively simple.

Being mindful is about being fully present in this moment. We bring our whole focus to right here, right now. We notice our breath, the sounds we can hear, the sensations on our skin and in our body. Mindfulness is an ideal “neutral state” – it is not something we do, it is something we allow.

I’ve been avidly exploring mindfulness in recent months and my Columbus moment is this: whatever we focus on expands in our life. Or as one of my spiritual teachers more eloquently puts it, “energy flows where focus goes.”

This is something I already knew, but I’ve spent the last few months really testing this knowledge. Through consistent application (i.e. whenever I remember, and the more you do something, the more you remember to do it), I have experienced incredible results!

I’m manifesting in areas of my life I have been blocked for years. Frustration is dwindling – hurrah! I have deeper and more meaningful connections with my family and friends. My spiritual life has reached new heights… and depths. My creative life is booming. The insights I’m receiving about myself are extraordinary.

So what are you focused on? Whatever it is, that’s what you’re manifesting. Use this focus to manifest change in your life.

woman asking how to manifest change

The Most Powerful 3 Step Manifestation Technique

1. Become fully present

Take a deep breath. As you breathe out release any tension in your body. Repeat a few times until you feel unburdened and clear.

2. Choose your focus

What are you going to focus on right now? Make it good! It could be a thought, an activity or just being. Is it self-exploration? Learning about astrology? Making art? Thinking about what you want in your life? Sitting in the garden listening to birds?

3. Trust and surrender

Now let go of any fear, insecurity, worry or irritation. Trust that right here in this moment you have everything you need – all the support, love and ability you’ve ever wanted. All there is in the whole world is this thing you are doing in this moment.

You’ll probably have to do this step multiple times during the course of your chosen focus. That’s okay, keep with it and breathe – it gets easier with time.

I guarantee if you test this technique out, doing your best to be consistent (stress-less, no one’s perfect!) you will experience results that will blow your mind. Your life will shift for the better. You’ll manifest change in your life. You’ll manifest what you truly want.

Owlvine xx

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