How Expanding Your Horizons Will Reinvigorate Your Soul After Mercury Retrogade


The chakra we are focusing on this week for healing, is the blue 5th chakra for the second time this month.

This is a big message so don’t ignore it. Now is the time to find your voice and finally assert yourself.

The question for this week is:

How can I find my tribe?
How can I create powerful alliances?

Your 3 keys to get you through this last full week of Mercury Retrograde are:

1. Counseling

It’s important to seek good advice especially when you are venturing out into new territory. Enlist the help of those who are older and wiser or those who have gone before you. No need to reinvent the wheel and create more work for yourself than necessary. Collaboration is also important to consider as you look for help. Who is willing to get dirty and dig in the trenches with you instead of standing on the sideline supervising? Don’t go it alone. Help is all around you, pay attention and ASK.

2. Connections

This week you are being guided to stay away from critical people. Is it time to do some weed eating in the garden of friends? Don’t be afraid to cut loose those worn-out relationships that aren’t serving you anymore. You aren’t doing either one of you any favors by staying in a friendship that has clearly been marked “done.” When you do that you also prevent the other person from venturing out to recruit some new energy in their lives. And who knows, just because the relationship didn’t work for you doesn’t mean it won’t be the perfect match for someone else. You’re not doing them any favors by wearing out your welcome.

3. Progress

Remember our theme for this week is EXPANSION. Expansion can’t happen when you are stuck in a rut and looking at the same four walls every day. Pick up your laptop and work at the library. Go out for breakfast instead of lunch with your bestie. Attend a rock concert with your stud muffin instead of channel surfing Netflix. When you do something different it opens the portal for expansion and enticing experiences that are destined to tantalize and delight your senses. Any small action can be counted toward one step in a new direction. Don’t let new and different scare you into not doing anything at all.

Meditation “I Know This is Possible”

Take a deep breath.

Imagine something you have always wanted to do but it seemed a bit too far-fetched or near impossible so you talked yourself out of it. Maybe it’s a dream job, or the money you need to update your house, or maybe it’s love, a transformation in your current relationship or a life partner finally coming in.

Once you have something in your mind I want you to imagine all the ways this could work, would work, is working now. Remove the limits and let yourself imagine with wild abandon.

Now say to yourself 3X:

I know this is possible.

I Know This Is Possible.


Now, believe me when I say, if you know it and trust it not only can happen for you but

It. Already. Is. 🙏

Go ahead, drop a comment or answer the question below. I always circle back and would love to hear from you.

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May any blockages you have in your 5th chakra be healed and released once and for all enabling you to beautifully and lovingly assert and express yourself. Remember your opinion matters.

Angel Hugs,
Julie Geigle

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