Get Back To Your Roots! Discover How Your Past Will Help Shape Your Future!


Card 1

9 of Pentacles

This week you are harnessing female energy of nurturing, caring, intuitive, self-sacrifice. Think about ways in which you can be in service to others. Be a conduit for the Universe in order to give love, compassion and caring energy in order to empower yourself. This will make you realize that money and energy comes in different ways. When we are a conduit for the Universe we are rewarded in incredible ways. Be the person of sacrifice and giving, without resentment or guilt, do it out of a Universal obligation to give to others.

Card 2

The Emperor

This week’s focus on home, family, grounding and focusing on your roots and ancestry. Empower yourself through self-knowledge and awareness. Find out your family history and recognize the sacrifices that the people before you have made in order to give you the life that you have. This will empower you and remind you that it is your obligation to thrive. Take advantage of the sacrifices that our ancestry has provided us.

Card 3

The Page of Pentacles

A younger Earth Sign, Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo has a message for you this week! This person is grounded and motivated and they work very hard. This Earth sign is coming into our lives to remind us to get real and recognize that hard work pays off! By focusing energy into a certain area, the energy flows there and provides positive outcomes. This message from the Earth sign is the key to unlocking your empowerment this week. Keep your ears open!



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