Free Ritual of Release: Join Us In Raising The Collective Vibe


Now more than ever, we all need an opportunity to unearth the positives and shake off the negative side effects of the global pandemic. Even if you’ve not been directly touched by COVID-19, you will have undoubtedly felt the collective panic, been forced to make changes to your normal day-to-day or had plans canceled.

In these trying times, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype and allow anxiety to overwhelm you. At Numerologist, we want to empower our community, help you weather this challenging storm and ensure you emerge out the other side a stronger, happier version of yourself. It’s why we’re giving away one of our most powerful products to help you do just that.

For a limited time, we are making our popular Ritual of Release Guide & Workbook available for you, absolutely free.

It’s a guide that we encourage our community to use during pivotal times in their life and collectively, that time is now! The Ritual of Release helps you release what’s no longer serving you so you can step into the future with confidence, appreciation and optimism, which is something we could all do with at this very moment.

Sending you love,

The Numerologist Team

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