Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway! How This Week’s Aries Full Moon Will Propel You Forward!


This week’s Full Moon shines from pioneering Aries, so there’s no excuse for holding back on exciting plans. Even if you’re scared, feel the adrenaline and get on with it. For many of us, there’s a sense of now or never with this energy, so don’t hesitate to take a leap of faith.

This is a boost of energy if you’re a fire sign or have planets in fire signs – Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Your energy level can be quite high during this time. You are likely to take decisive action. If you’re not getting satisfactory results, consider what you might need to cut out. Think about what you need to lose in the process of moving forward.

Also this week, we have an auspicious sun sextile Jupiter aspect which means This brief period promises luck and good fortune. For many people, newfound confidence and an optimistic outlook are working overtime now, creating opportunities right and left — so many, in fact, that the challenge may be in deciding which ones to jump on. Keep in mind, what’s important now is the broader vision, the higher principle; don’t bother with the little, troublesome details that can bog us down at other times. Now is the time for seeing the bigger picture.

Take care though as we also have a Sun-Pluto square so power struggles are practically unavoidable and it could be quite an emotional time as a result. This week is all about power plays that will seem to come out of nowhere, and they could blow up really fast. No one feels particularly flexible, and we certainly don’t want to be told what to do. So when our bosses or partners challenge us, it seems much more loaded than it normally does. We take everything personally, even when it’s not meant that way.




The Aries Full Moon brings out the best in you – your leadership, bravery and boldness are all on display. Unfortunately, however, so is your selfishness and your impatience. Focus on your better qualities and keep the others in check!




The Full Moon brings a spiritual revelation or awakening, which could be quite a shock. Take this event and run with it, however. There’s a great deal more for you to discover, and your talents in this area are growing.




A group project of some kind is about to come to a successful conclusion – but this is no time to rest on your laurels. Drive your team or your group of friends forwards. There is more you can achieve here. Take what you’ve learned and grow it.




A mini-crisis at work thrusts you into the spotlight. At first, this will feel stressful and unwelcome, but it really is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. Gather your wits about you and show off your skills. Don’t doubt yourself.




You can be quite dogmatic, but as the Full Moon shines certain facts will emerge which will see you change your mind on a point of principle or ethics. It’s a wise person indeed who can admit they were wrong. Be proud of your open mind.




The Full Moon illuminates the darker side of life – hidden fears, jealousies, desires for revenge, illicit infatuations…. all the stuff you try to keep hidden for most of the year. Don’t be afraid. Embrace your shadow side and let your emotions out.




A Full Moon in your love zone represents a chance to take stock in your closest relationship. If you’re very happy, deepen that commitment and take things to  the next level. If there’s a problem – recognize it, address it and fix it.




You’ve been neglecting your health and the Full Moon may bring a small shock which wakes you up to how important your wellbeing is. Schedule medical appointments, check-ups and therapy sessions. Get well.




You’re known for being an adrenaline junkie, but with the Full Moon in your risk zone, you may be taking this to extremes. Enjoy sports, exotic adventures, crazy gambles and wild games – but try hard to behave responsibly along the way.




Family tensions bubble over during the Full Moon, but don’t panic. Long term, it’s a good thing that people have let their emotions loose. Listen, learn, sympathize and consider. Changes may be needed which will help everyone settle.




An intellectual challenge has you stumped, much to your fury. Try looking at the problem laterally rather than being too literal with it. If you’re single, look for someone who makes you think rather than someone who just looks good.




A Full Moon in your money zone may signal a small financial crisis. You’ll live, but it’s a shock to the system. The good news is that this will help you re-evaluate your priorities. If you’re over-stretched, now is the time to fix that.



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