Commit to your creations


Inspiration grounded action are equally important. The most inspired idea is pointless without committed action. The only way to become a master of something is to show up with rhythm and work on your craft. To polish the crystal. To etch away at the stone. To try things until you find your own unique way of doing things. To keep showing up. To commit to your creations. It often takes longer than we would like, but if you lose yourself in the doing then the time passes quick and soon enough you are blown away by how far you’ve come.
Perhaps you have a yearning to birth creations, but feel unclear about how you can take your craft to the next level and make real progress? Or maybe you have a hundred and one ideas but feel paralysed by which one to commit to? Or perhaps you are thinking, who am I to do this, it’s already been done before…
My First Work Your Light Course has been specially crafted to help you to create solid foundations to spend more time doing the work you came here to do and commit to your creations. Inspiration grounded action are just as important as the other. Put two feet in with me. Enrollment open until September 19. 


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