Cockroach bites 10-month-old boy’s EYE as mum says council flats ‘left to rot’


COCKROACHES have bitten a 10-month-old baby boy in the eye on a vermin-infested council estate, his mum says.

Annie, 28, says her four-year-old daughter was also bitten on the arm with her family “left to rot” on the West Hendon estate in Barnet, North London.

A ten-month-old baby boy was bitten in the eye by cockroaches on a London estate


The cockroaches have infested mum-of-two Annie’s house and bitten her four-year-old daughter as well[/caption]

The mum-of-two can’t cook in her one-bedroom flat and uses disposable cutlery, cups and plates because of the cockroach plague invading her kitchen.

Annie told the BBC Victoria Derbyshire Show: “At first I didn’t say anything because I was embarrassed. I didn’t even know they could bite.

“When my daughter finds the cockroaches she tries to keep it quiet. She warns me there’s a cockroach and she says: “Mummy, don’t cry”.

“My son has been bitten in the eye. I’ve had infections from being bitten in the eye. My daughter’s been bitten by them.”

Annie’s little boy was bitten on the eyelid


A plague of cockroaches has infested the West Hendon estate in Barnet, North London[/caption]

Pest control officers visited the family 25 times since they first saw the “massive” cockroaches two years ago.

Other residents have reported an infestation on the 1960s-built estate, which is being demolished.

But the block Annie and her partner live in won’t be pulled down for at least two and a half years, with the cockroaches making the family’s lives hell.

Annie said: “They were massive. They were all on my sides, all on my counters, in my microwave.

they were massive. They were all on my sides, all on my counters, in my microwave

Mum-of-two Annie

“I said: ‘We can’t carry on living here. We’re not living how people should be living.”

She added: “I physically couldn’t eat here. It made me feel sick, it made me feel dirty.”

NHS administrator Annie spends five hours a day cleaning the flat and shows signs of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), her doctor said.

Barnet Homes told the BBC programme’s makers it was “extremely sorry”.

A spokesman said: “Barnet Homes is firmly committed to ensuring any concerns are dealt with quickly, whilst also recognising that these buildings will only continue to be used for a relatively short period of time”.

Housing managers Barnet Homes added it was “addressing the problem with vermin and pest infestation, including the implementation of an extended baiting programme across the estate”.

Sun Online contacted Barnet Homes for further comment.

Annie says she is unable to cook as there are cockroaches in her kitchen
Barnet Homes has apologised and said it is ‘addressing’ the cockroach infestation
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