Call Me, Baby! This Magick Spell With A Numerology Twist Will Make Your Phone Ring FAST!


Ever heard of the Call Me Spell?

Magick is practical and has everyday uses. Instinct, intuition, and the intellect are available to be used together to create a healthy Earth experience through magick.

We can use all of the abilities that all sentient beings have to give and receive love and help each other shine and live healthy lives. That is why we are here. It’s simple. Sometimes we complicate things by using a tech device when in truth it would be faster and simpler to accomplish many a task without them.

magick call me spell phonesOur modern technologies are definitely helpful and I am grateful that we have many excellent techy tools. However, we don’t need to rely on them as much as we do. The truth is, we can use our instinct, intuition, and intellect to make magick that’s helpful to others and ourselves.

One such piece of magick is a Call Me spell. Here is an excellent one that incorporates the numerology of your telephone to strengthen the spell.

Knowing and using this simple and powerful numerology, this Call Me spell can be useful in a variety of situations. Some examples are:

  • When you’re waiting on the doctor or hospital to call with news about your loved one.
  • When you want to hear from a potential employer.
  • When someone is unreachable because they’re on set, or in a meeting.
  • When you don’t have the person’s contact information for some reason.
  •  If you’d like to connect with a childhood friend or extended family member and they’re not on social media.

By using this spell, the target person will know you want to be contacted and have the desire to do so.

mobile phone call me spellHow To Do The Call Me Spell


To begin with breakdown your phone number to a single digit. To do this add all of the numerals in your phone number, including your area code.

For example, let’s say your phone number is (888)555-5512. Add up the digits 8 8 8 5 5 5 5 5 1 2 = 52 then add the 5 2 = 7.

The numerological phone number is 7.


Take your time, and be present for the work.

Inhale and exhale at your own pace. (Breathing brings us into presence.)


Visualize the target person wanting to talk with you. Feel them calling you. Stand in your full self, breathe into your strength and personal power and become the magnet for the call.


The Petition. On a piece of paper write your full name. Under it write the full name of your target person (or a description of them if you don’t know their name) and the words “call me” on the paper “x” times (“x” being your numerological phone number).

Turn the paper once so that it’s horizontal and write their name and “call me” again the same number of times, over the top of the other writing.


Place this paper under your phone or up against it.


Continue in your state of presence, inhaling and exhaling.

As you move through the rest of your day, stay in the moment and put your full focus on the task before you.

If you find yourself thinking about the spell or receiving the call gently take your focus away from those thoughts and back to what is before you. Allow the magick to do its work.

lady performing a call me spell

 This spell is simple and easy to use and you should get good results. However, as with any skill, Magick takes practice. As you practice this spell and others, your proficiency will mature and expand.  Humans are fundamentally good beings. You are an extraordinary human doing good things. Your spell and work are blessed.

By Veronica Schultz

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