Ask & You Shall Receive! Discover How To Manifest Fierce Creative Energy In Your Life This Week


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The World

This is an awesome week to just focus on manifesting. Retrograde energy is leaving, and allowing us to stay focused and tap into the Universe to create what we want. A fun manifestation game is to ask the Universe to hear your favorite song within 24 hours. Then, keep your ears open for your song! Once you hear your song, thank the Universe for helping you co-create your life. You can use this manifestation game to create something bigger; like an unexpected gift, a free coffee, or anything you don’t necessarily need but would appreciate. Once you start manifesting large gifts from the Universe you will build your confidence and faith and then you can start to manifest things in your life that you need; abundance, a new home, a new car! Have FUN this week! This is a week to be creative with your intentions and remember to smile and enjoy the beauty that the world has to offer. Enjoy!

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7 of Cups

The week is bringing some emotional haywire energy. You are going to feel tied to one energy. Our emotions are a great indicator of our outer world. How we feel on the inside is going to be directly linked to our current state of affairs. Therefore, if you are feeling emotionally confused, the universe will respond with more confusion. If you are feeling emotionally drained, the universe will respond with more draining situations. The key is to pinpoint the source of your emotions so you can thank it, then release it with love. Once you do this you can start to manipulate your emotions to work in your favor. For instance, recognizing that your confused about a relationship because you have a fear of abandonment will remind you of the abandonment you felt in childhood. You can then decide that going forward you are going to focus on the emotion of joy, this will create a spiral effect of positive changes. 

Card 3

9 of Pentacles

The feminine energy of intuition, nourishment, and creation is giving you the energy to take flight this week. When you think of a mother, who is protecting her child, she is probably terrified but she will do anything to protect her child–regardless of the fear. This week is asking you to act like a mother protecting her baby! But, the baby is your creativity. Be ruthless and fearless in your pursuit to protect your creativity and give it a change to be birthed into the world. You can only protect your creativity so far, then you need to trust that the universe will take care of the rest. 

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