Angel Number 11 – The Shield And The Axe


What Does Angel Number 11 Mean?

Angel number 11 has every property of a protector. This article shows why, and how it can be used as both shield and axe.

Angel Number 11 Shield and Axe
Angel Number 11 – The Shield and Axe

Seeing angel number 11 suggests that you already own the power to utilize its function. But few truly understand what that function is, or how to use it.

I therefore apologize up front if you think this is going to be some horoscope reading of what great qualities you have. This is not one of those sites.

Further, those whom I know that posses this number are pure alphas. They are spectacular to learn from, especially from a military standpoint. It is not so fun to challenge them.

But on the flip side, it makes no sense to employ sheep to defend against wolves.

On Acquiring And Using Any Angel Number

As with any angel number, upon seeing it, you must first determine your feelings towards that number. For a clear understanding of why, please refer to, “What are angel numbers and how to use their magic.

After you’ve determined that angel number 11 is favorable to you, there is the process of utilization. By this I mean, there are several ways to utilize any angel number. It is best to use angel numbers based on their strengths, which is congruent with why you are seeing the number in the first place.

An easy way to use any angel number is to follow, or not follow, its vector. But certain angel numbers are TOOLS as well as guides, which means you can utilize the number for a specific purpose.

Angel number 11 is one of those numbers.

As alluded in the opening paragraph, it has all the properties of a protector. But it is not just as a shield; but also as an axe.

HOW Does Angel Number 11 Act As A Shield?

Angel number 11 has every property of a protector. Its outer countenance is first a prime. This means it has no divisors other than itself and one. It is the 5th prime and thus a numerical element.

It is also a palindrome. Palindromes make superb protectors also, because they are equally strong from right to left, as from left to right. They are, in a sense, ambidextrous. They protect your “six,” to use a pun.

But it is also “Strobogrammatic.” This means it is also the same when viewed from upside down. This makes angel number 11 the first Strobogrammatic prime.

For reference, here are more. You’ll notice that each of these are in fact strobogrammic, as well as prime, (just flip them about the center axis). But try to notice how many are also palindrome!

11, 101, 181, 619, 16091, 18181, 19861, 61819, 116911, 119611, 160091, 169691, 191161, 196961, 686989, 688889, 1008001, 1068901, 1160911, 1180811, 1190611, 1191611, 1681891, 1690691, 1880881, 1881881, 1898681, 1908061, 1960961, 1990661, 6081809, 6100019, 6108019

Different story, isn’t it?

Because this attribute is mostly hidden, it is used by knowledgeable practitioners with effective secrecy. It’s like a ninja number that goes unnoticed well after a destructive use has been employed.

How Does Angel Number 11 Act As An Axe?

Part of the outer countenance of a number is in its geometry. It is in how the number, or its sequence, can be configured as an outer construction. Sacred geometry is an obvious example.

Common examples include triangular numbers, tetrahedral numbers, pentagonal numbers, etc. But angel number 11 is also a tool. And so its construction is most notable as a wedge, the delta formation, or axe. In this fashion, it is used as a penetrating tool.

Tight Wedge Formation

The most obvious configuration as a tool is with a leader in front, flanked by equal forces on the sides. This pattern has destructive penetrating power to “cut through” as a dynamic actor.

Examples included airplane fighting positions, geese flying, old football attack patterns, warfare axes, fine art and woodworking chisels, firemen breaching tools, etc.

They all have the same attribute in common — the wedge. Designed for penetration, the wedge shape (itself) is a tool.

The geometry of number 11 supports the wedge (axe pattern) as a balance of two primes (fives – which can also be used in a delta formation as it, too, is a prime), on either side.

Why Angel Number 11 Gets A Bad Rap

People tend to associate numbers to experiences. If they notice a number after experiencing a bad event, they tend to associate that number with the “feeling” of the event. This “imprinting” can take a social form, as well as an individual form.

For example, the date 9/11 is imprinted in the collective conscious of many Americans because of a horrible event. Add to that the common emergency number sequence 911, and the imprinting is enforced.

Veteran’s Day, November (11th month), 11th (eleventh day), is also a somber experience for many who have lost loved ones to American wars. These all have their imprinting, and can affect how we feel about certain numbers.

In this sense, people are looking at, and associating with, the effect of the number and not the cause.  Behind the scenes of a cause is where you’ll find the utilization, not so much the aftermath.

The perpetrators behind terrible events, (as well as good events), are the proactive actors giving rise to the effect. It is not the tool that is good or bad, but the application. This can apply to fire, guns, battle formations, flight formations, or anything else that can be useful as a tool.

Angel Number 11 As A Tool – On The Outer

The logging axe or the battle axe, each are essentially the same. It’s the user that supplies the good or bad actor outcome. But each tool utilizes the V-shape for a purpose. The not so obvious V-shape of a command structure is effectively the same (i.e., as a top-down corporate structure).

In each case, the design follows the pattern supplied by the unique attributes of the number. These qualities can be used as a geometry, which in-turn inherits those qualities from the number.

For example: Here’s one of the palindrome/strobogrammatic numbers from above:  18181

Pull the sides down, leaving the center in place, into the V-shape.

Strobogrammatic palindrome prime in wedge pattern.

Now notice you can flip or rotate about the center and the set doesn’t change its attributes. The pattern has the same attributes as angel number 11. There is equal balance on either side, as well as the balance from higher to lower (1, 8,1).   

This particular use refers to the outer countenance of the number. The shape of the number in varying configurations. For instance, all triangular numbers can be formed into a triangle by arranging the quantity of dots that equal that number.

Triangular Numbers
Triangular Numbers



You can rearrange the pattern of the number, but it’s still a triangular number. As you can see, 11 is not a triangular number; it cannot be arranged into that pattern.

These are examples of how the geometry of numbers can be used on the outer. But what about using them on the Inner?

Angel Number 11 As A Tool – On The Inner

As mentioned, the easiest way to use any angel number is as a vector (to follow, or not follow); especially on the inner. But angel number 11 can also be used as a tool. And one way to do that is to construct tools, (on the inner or the outer), for the purpose of use, on the inner.

One way we can use angel numbers as tools on the inner is to construct its geometry keeping with the attributes of the number. Or, we can use its symbol, as in the Quad-8’s pattern . Or, we can form discrete objects using the properties of the number.

The Number One Method

But by far, the best way to utilize an angel number on the inner is to dream it.

By dreaming the number, “it” tells “you” how to use its properties. Just remember, on the inner the rules are very different from the external world. And what might seem totally bizarre or strange on the outer, can make perfect sense while in the inner.

For example, suppose you find yourself in a dream, smelting a thick sparkling syrup of 11’s to be poured into a cast, to be hardened into a double-edged sword with your mark on it. It won’t even seem out of the ordinary.

Of course, if you remember the dream, you might wonder, “What the…?” because of the incongruities compared with the outer. A syrup of 11’s? A sword? My mark? Strange, indeed!

But a month later, you find yourself in a dream completely unaware that you are dreaming, (normal, right?), in a situation where you are in harm’s way with no clear defense, and guess what gets summoned?

Because you forged it there, you get to summon it there, and it has the properties of the building blocks you used. 11 is a prime, a building block. It is indivisible by any other number except one and itself. It’s also palindrome; it has your back. It’s also strobogrammatic; it protects your higher as well as your lower.

It becomes an object of power. The more you dream it, or use it, the more its power solidifies.

Point being: it is the properties of the angel number that you can add to your inner toolbox.   

Developing Personal Power

You can take artifacts into your inner, and you can bring artifacts out. The Periodic Table used in chemistry was dreamed before being written down upon awakening, (see What Are Angel Numbers). It is an example of bringing an artifact out from the inner, for use on the outer.

Your inner contains the sum of your knowledge and abilities. Learning to explore that landscape is what Spiritual Vectors is about. Angel numbers is just one facet of tapping into that world.

If you’d like to join us, we’ll be on the lookout for you when ready.   

But if you’re wondering about the spiritual value of inner tools, here’s a list of magical weapons that every culture at some point has imagined, from child’s tales to classical ancient yore. I ask you just one question: where do you think they all came from?

List of magical weapons:

Always Yours, from

The High Country

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