7 Illuminating Clues That Will Reveal If You Possess A Clairsentient Psychic Ability


We all have different psychic gifts and they are heaven sent. There are many ways to receive your signs and messages that you’re on the right path.

Here are some 7 enlightening clues that you may be clairsentient…

1. You’re a feeler.

To be clairsentient is to have clear feeling.  You feel everything through your body. You may not only feel your own pain but you may pick up on the pain another person is experiencing.

2. You’re a people reader

You can read people’s moods and energy. You can see past the façade and identify how someone feels deep inside.

You may be able to sense a soul passing from one life to the next.

3. You sense energy in a room

You can feel the energy in a room you will in an instant feel if the energy is high vibration, clean and clear of negative or toxic energy or not. You may even sense the spirit in the room. You will sometimes feel the pain of an animal or human remotely or when you meet them in person.

You may pick up on the energy of a historic site or battleground or a hospital that no longer exists.

a clairsentient can sense energy

4. You’re an analyst

You’re an analyst. You don’t take things at face value you try to make sense by analyzing how each individual component of a story, character or a part fits into the wheel. This can make decision making difficult as you weigh up the pros and cons.

5. Roleplay works well as a learning tool

You learn well through role play. You need to do something yourself to take in the information.

6. You need to retreat and value your own company

You enjoy being away from it all in nature or by the sea to reconnect with your own energy field.


7. You love touch if it matches your vibration

You enjoy the feel and touch of hugs, massage, but only if they match your vibration. Otherwise, you clam up, close up and recoil.

You also love feeling and touching luxuries textures and fabrics.

3 Tips

1. If you are a feeler learn to feel into the body and scan it to see if your energy field is clean and clear. Find a spiritual teacher to learn tools and tips to help you clean and clear your energy field.

2. Learn to practice journaling to help you enhance your decision-making abilities.

3. Learn to meditate to clear the mind, body and soul.

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